Non Great Lengths Hair Extensions

And this is some I took out done by a different hairdresser.
Only been in a couple months and the quality of hair was awful !

If they don’t tell you the BRAND and tell you it’s ‘remy’ or ‘Indian remy’ or ‘100%’ be wary that means nothing, could be brushed Indian hair , hair that’s taken out of random heads , actual brushes and rumours of even dead people !! which will result in this Frizzy look happening, always RESEARCH your hair before having it done else you regret paying a lot of money for something that isn’t top quality!

Non great lengths

Great Lengths Hair By Tina @ Diamond Cut


This is a client with great lengths hair.
First picture is just before we took out her old hair and second picture is after we put in new hair.
The old hair is now roughly 10 months old!
This is to show you what good hair extensions and looking after them should look like ! The only reason we had to take out the old hair is that they had grown down so much and it was her second time using this hair !